Order Creation API not showing on Sandbox Dashboard

I am using Postman to create Order Requests to my sanbox test account. In the developer dashboard, I can see customers I have created, and transactions that have been processed. However, I cannot see the orders that I created with the CreateOrder request.

Why is that?

Hi @vmathur welcome to the forums!

This was previously discussed here: Created Order in Sandbox. Let me know if that thread doesn’t help, of course.

Thank you. Is there any way to get the version of the order through an API request?

If you retrieve an order (BatchRetrieveOrders) then it should have the version of the order in the request, or if you just do a general search (SearchOrders), then you’ll also see it.

Does the version update every time a new request is made? Even if the request was unsuccessful?

As far as I know, the version should only update when a successful change to the order was made. If you’ve pushed it to the dashboard/POS, and interact with it via the dashboard/POS, then that would count as a successful change to the order and should update the version as well, just to be clear.

Ok. Thank you very much for your help