OAuth Walkthrough: GET / request_token.php - Uncaught Error


I was working on the OAuth Walkthrough: Test Authorization with a Web Server but encountered an error that I couldn’t solve for a week. When I try opening the link http://localhost:8000/request_token.php as step 3.8 says, this error pops up:

I can’t understand what ‘vender/autoload.php’ is and what I should do to resolve this. Could someone please kindly help me out?

Thank you!

Have you downloaded composer and run php composer.phar install? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I did. I downloaded composer and installed it when going through Square PHP QuickStart.

Is it in the same repository? For example:

Never mind about this topic! I actually ran the composer require square/square at the wrong directory. After running the command at the php file, it worked. Thanks for your awesome hint!

However, when authorizing this page popped up:

Could you give me a hint again? :slight_smile:

In the .env you’ll need to configure your client secrete that you get from your application in the OAuth section of the Developer Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can assure you that I copied my app’s secret to the .env file correctly.