Not Sure Which Webhook to Use For Email

Hello, I previously made a post about how I can send an email to a customer after they paid online. I was suggested to use webhooks, but I am not sure which type of webhook to use to get their name and email.

Here is the URL the customers would be using to pay:

Is this considered an order? If it is, then how do I extract the email they use to check out here? My previous post solution was to look at the payload of the payment sent. I assume this means to utilize the payment webhook, but the payload does not include the payer’s (or the customer’s) email.

Thank you.

:wave: Do you have an example payment_id that was paid through the checkout URL that you’re not seeing the customer_id on? :slightly_smiling_face:

I apologize, I should clarify that I am not having that issue. I am more confused of what the overall flow should be. With the webhook I will set it up such that it sends a POST request when a payment is done to my website and then I will use the payment_id from the payload to send a GET request to Square to get the customer information? I am more confused on what the flow should look like. Sorry about that.

No worries, thanks for the explanation. The payment or the order will have the Square customer_id. With that ID you’ll need to call RetrieveCustomer to the details about the customer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome, thanks for the pointer!