Menu Import From Square Using Catalog API

Hi, I am a square developer.
and I want to know that can I import the square menu via Catalog API. Let me explain to you. Actually, our client is using square for the restaurant platform. As you know, A “Menus” tab added after we subscribed to square for the restaurant. In the menus tab, we can manage multiple menus. After reading the square catalog list endpoint (GET /v2/catalog/list - Square API Reference), I came to know that we cannot import catalog type = menu.
As you can see in the above image, a menu option is not included in catalog object types.

Now coming to the point, Is there any way we can import the menu along with other catalog objects.


Unfortunately menus are not currently a part of Squares APIs. Pretty much all Square Restaurant specific functionality is not available in the APIs at this time. I’ll update this to be a feature request, as it’s a popular feature request.

Hi, I hope you guys are doing great.
Actually we are building a food ordering system and we are integrating multiple platforms like uber eats and clover etc.
Our integration also involves Square.
I have checked and apis for catalogue provides facility to add all food items and their multiple variations etc.
But I am unable to find the apis for managing the menu, but on square dashboard we have a dedicated section for menu.
I am worried is menu management is available via now apis or not?

Did this ever get accomplished?

At this time Menu’s still aren’t available with our APIs. We hope to have more for you soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

And when we say “soon”, are we saying weeks, months or undefined? :smiley:

Sadly undefined but we hear the need for the functionality. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there - just another bump requesting API support for Square for Restaurants. Is there any news?

Additional context

We build a popular digital signage application to show menus on TVs, and have integrations to other POS systems. Some of our customers are (or are considering) migrating to Square for Restaurants, but the inability to import the product catalog structured as a menu is a pretty big blocker, since the goal is a single source of truth for “what’s in a menu” (Square).

Although we have workarounds, they involve more work & less simplicity for our mutual customer, and make other systems immediately more attractive for customers who are considering a new POS.

We would be very very happy to beta or alpha test anything here. We’re all techies and move extremely fast to build - basically I think we’d be your ideal testers. Please feel free to connect me to the product manager or team if there’s interest. Thanks!

I am surprised this didn’t trigger a summoning of @Bryan-Square, who has got to be one of the most sleepless & “on top of it” dev forum manager’s I’ve seen anywhere :slight_smile:

Bryan, any new morsels here? We’re fully prepared for non-great news, but would love to be at your service if there’s any solution possible…

@mikey, thank you for your kind words and for reaching out with your feature request. I’m truly flattered by your summoning! :blush:

While I’m unable to share specific details at this time, please rest assured that our team is actively working on improvements and solutions that aim to enhance our services. We understand the importance of this feature to you and many of our customers, and we are taking your feedback very seriously.

Although I can’t provide a timeline or specifics, I encourage you to stay tuned for updates. We’re committed to keeping our community informed, and we’ll be sure to communicate any new developments as soon as we’re able.

We appreciate your patience and willingness to work with us. Your support and engagement in our forum do not go unnoticed, and it’s the enthusiasm from members like you that drives us to evolve. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds good, thanks Bryan.

We are deeply familiar with a variety of competing restaurant POS platforms & APIs given the nature of our business, so just wanted to reiterate our availability (to the pertinent product team) to test any improvements here. React out via my contact info any time.