Linking Customer and COF to Multiple Sellers

We’re doing an implementation where we will have our App processing payments on behalf of multiple different sellers. However, the app will have a single customer record with cards attached to that record which will need to be passed for payment with any one of those sellers depending on the location they select. I know from a previous post that this means we’ll have to create that customer in every seller account we have linked through OAUTH, but how do we go about attaching the payment methods? If we collect card details through the In-App Payment SDK and get a payment nonce back, can we then attach that payment nonce to that customer’s customerID in every seller account? Is there an easier way to do this?

If the solution is that we need to attach that to their profile in every seller account - that’s OK, but we would need to be able to re-use the card nonce across multiple seller accounts with the customer ID in each account. Is this something we can do?

@keenan-square - do you want to field this one?

Hoping there’s a less complicated solution or at least is possible to re-use the card nonce across multiple merchants for that customer. We really need a COF solution but having the customer enter the same card details for each individual merchant seems like a poor user experience.

Hey bryank, I’d love to hear more about your use case. We are looking for feedback on a feature in alpha that would support storing a card on file that could be used across multiple sellers (via Oauth). Seems like there could be a fit! I will send you a DM to gather more info.

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I would also love to jump on the back of this question, as I’m looking at a similar use case. As a current work around are you able to use the card nonce generated to create a COF with multiple merchants? Or would the customer have to refill their card details multiple times, due to the nonce being single use?

We are trying to do the exact same thing. I would very much like information on the Alpha program. You can reach out to me at [email protected].

We are doing this as well and are highly interested in the alpha program. You can contact me at [email protected]

We are also very interested and would like to participate in the alpha.
You can contact me at [email protected]


Hey folks, apologies for the delay everyone. If you haven’t been contacted already, please DM directly here on the forums. Please include your Square email address and your Square application id, and I’ll follow up with you.

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hi @sjosey we are interested thanks. Email: [email protected]. Sandbox App Id: sandbox-sq0idb-WAowj2L6RI6ND5TK4vDr5w

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@sjosey any update on this?

Hi @estatesales_org I followed up in DM.

We need this please @sjosey

Email: [email protected]
App Id: sq0idp-hL-_PE8-6-Zq1XrokAjSCA

Hi @sjosey,

You directed me here from Stack Overflow. If it’s still possible to participate in the alpha program, that would be great.

My Square email is [email protected] and App ID is sq0idp-WWhviGyNXiqX6fPsgG2LSg


Followed up via DM @CLUB :slight_smile:

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Hi, we are also interested in this program. Email: [email protected] and App ID: sandbox-sq0idb-ZN7qwD86DTOjOGdcN-aqHg

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@sjosey is this still available? My team and I would like to participate in the Alpha.