Issue with woocommerce and square

Not sure if this is the correct forum/place to address this but what can i do? Maybe it can be routed to the appropriate people.

Very big problem please view the screenshot

The font is too BIG… need to downsize the font

PLEASE CHANGE THIS to 1.1em on the FONT we cannot do anything since it is an iFRAME… HELP!!! PEOPLE CANNOT CHECKOUT IF THE PHONE IS A SMALLER SCREEN!!!

Thank you.

Unfortunately this integration was created by WooCommerce and isn’t maintained by Square. You’ll need to reach out to their support team to ask if they can update this for you.

View here

please take a look. i dont want to be rude but if you look at the iframe code it says it is being hosted from square… so yes you would have to change it.

Developers have the ability to customize the iframe via Javascript and CSS attributes. Since WooCommerce implemented this, they added these attributes (such as font size, background color, etc). Any application has the ability to edit these within their own application, Square doesn’t force applications to have the same font size. For more information about styling, take a look here: