Issue with subscription create API Error: SUBSCRIPTION_PLAN_VARIATION

Hello, i got an issue creating a subscription with an API request, I get an error 400 That my subscription does not have type SUBSCRIPTION _PLAN_VARIATION,

I think the problem its when i create a subscription plan on my developer dashboard, its a little bit confused about how subscriptions setup, i create a subscription where i choose frequency, and after that, i need to create an item with the price and attach it to a subscription.

On the square documentation the creation of the subscription plan was slightly different and have much sense how it was created, where i can choose the trial period, price and frequency…
but now its different i even dont know where to add the trial period…

i missing something? please help me understand what its wrong here

please find attached the screenshot of the subscription plan creation + API request with error

Thank you in advice
Best Regards

Recent changes were made to the subscriptions in version 2023-06-08. The old model changed to the new item based model. Also at this time if your creating subscriptions from the Dashboard you aren’t able to include a free trial. Only subscriptions created with the API can have a free trial. :slightly_smiling_face: