Is phone number and hours of operation always available from locations API?

Hi! I am wondering if we can “always” receive the “phone number” and “hours of operation” information when we access Square’s Locations API. Or is it possible that some locations have these information, but others don’t?

Best, Ryan Kim

Currently, the Locations API will return that information if it’s configured to the location. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm… so are the sellers always required to provide those information to Square when they register? I guess this is what I am curious about. We are wondering if we should ask the phone and hours of operation separately from our onboarding process or can it always be fetched from Square’s Locations API since those information are mandatory items that sellers will need to fill out.

No, it’s not required when a seller onboards with Square. If it’s required for your onboarding then you’ll want to ask for the information separately. Once you have the information you can use the Locations API to update the location profile. :slightly_smiling_face: