Invoices API: Add Attachments (GA)

You can now add or remove attachments to an invoice, such as reports, photos, transaction statements, or other important documents using the CreateInvoiceAttachment and DeleteInvoiceAttachment endpoints.

The API documentation indicates that ‘file’ is a required argument, but I am getting a console error that says otherwise. I am beating my head against the wall. Please help!

Can you share your python code you’re using to form this request?

Here ya go! Above this snip, I am building an order, then invoicing the order. Below the snip, I am publishing the invoice. I should add that without the invoice attachment code, everything functions properly, so the issue definitely seems isolated to this new code.

Thanks for that!

I found out the field actually needs to be image_file and not file. I’m going to see if that could be updated in the examples, but that seems to be how to name that field in the SDKs.

Alright @wootmoot! Thank you for the prompt responses. We are up and running :slight_smile:.

image_file is correct.

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