Importing sales data into Microsoft Access 2016

Hi All, I am new to Square and have no programming experience with Square APIs. I am looking for someone who has successfully written code to import transaction data from POS terminals into an Access 2016 Database. I am looking for some sample code or even an off the shelf solution. I just don’t have the time or talent to reinvent the wheel if such a wheel exists. Cheers, John

:wave: With our Solutions Partners you can get help developing a custom solution or they may already have a solution for your use case. :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried that and it was a disaster.

Hi Bryan, Is there any documentation on how to access my data simply. For example, I just want to connect to the data and download the most recent sales to my computer. So is there an API that I can make these calls to? I have used APIs in Visual Basic before so I just need to know how to make the connections and then make the calls. Cheers, John

With the Payments API ListPayments and the Orders API SearchOrders you can definitely get the sales data for a given timeframe. You can use our API Explorer to help build the API requests to Square. :slightly_smiling_face: