Images Uploading Twice

OK, I’m successfully (finally) able to upload images using and an HTTP Request. But something weird is happening. The image shows up in my Image Library twice. The first instance that arrives first is the one that I’m uploading via Make as it has the Image Name and Alt Text filled out, but then it shows up a second later without the Image Name and Alt Text, and it’s the one that’s attached to the Catalog object (despite the code below). Here’s the portion of the relevant code:

“idempotency_key”: “{{timestamp}}”,
“image”: {
“id”: “#Image”,
“type”: “IMAGE”,
“image_data”: {
“caption”: “{{103.Title}}”,
“name”: “{{103.ISBN}}”
“is_primary”: true,
“object_id”: “{{157.Token}}”

What’s the item_id for the object that has the double image? :slightly_smiling_face: