I want to use Square OAuth 2.0 in my iOS app

Things I’m having trouble with
I’m trying to implement OAuth 2.0 in my iOS app to call the Square Locations API. I’m trying to use AppAuth, which is a common OAuth 2.0 library, but I’m having trouble because Square’s application only allows URLs that start with https format in the redirect URI.

It is common nowadays to use custom schemas for redirect URIs other than https for security reasons in iOS applications. The OAuth library I tried, AppAuth, also did not support https.


  • Do you have any plans to support anything other than https? Why don’t you support it?
  • Isn’t Square’s OAuth supposed to be called from iOS or Android apps?
  • What is the best way to call the Locations API in an iOS app? It would be helpful to know the recommended patterns of OAuth 2.0 implementation recommended by Square’s engineers, and the recommended libraries that have been tested internally.

Hi @tcihise, Currently Square only supports https with OAuth. Our OAuth is used with web and mobile application. The Square API follows the general patterns of REST. You manage the resources of a Square account (such as, locations, payments, and orders) by making HTTPS requests to URLs that represent those resources. :slightly_smiling_face: