I need to redirect my customers from square after they pay

So after a customer pays for our service they need to be redirected to our CSM so that they can fill out intake and other necessary documents - can someone help me do this? Happy to pay for the help - I am not a developer but I know what needs to be done and our CSM has the link to embed. Thanks Halley

:wave: @hascher If you would like to get help developing a custom solution you can create customized solutions with our Preferred Agency Partners. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok how do I do that please!

@hascher Looks like the link I previously provided didn’t take you to the right page. Sorry about that. Here is the correct link to our Preferred Agency Partners.

Bryan -
I submitted a form, about a week ago and have not received a reply and really ned this ASAP - can you perhaps get me a phone number to contact them?
Thanks - Halley