I need to integrate Square Reader device to my c# .Net WPF application to verify payment which is better way?

I have created a WPF application and integrate checkout-api successfully for payment via payment-url.
Now I want to integrate Square Reader device so can access card payment also at same application. Please guide, suggest a proper way to integrate it

Hey @jaiminCygnet! If you’d like to use a Square Reader with your web application, you can use the Point of Sale API:
Point of Sale API - Build on Mobile Web

Alternatively, if you’re just looking for an in-person payment solution and are not particular about using the Square Reader specifically, you may also want to explore if Terminal API is appropriate for you:
Terminal API Overview

@josh-square I have reviewed Point of Sale API as per your suggestions. I found that it finally opens Square Application for Payment. As My Application will be at windows device any way that can Alert Square Reader For Payment?

Square Readers can only be used with mobile devices. If your application will be used with a Windows device, you’ll need to use Terminal API to process in-person payments.