I did not receive any Partnership application response for more than 2 weeks


We are currently developing a seller’s app that can be integrated with Square’s different APIs. So, we went to the following website (https://developer.squareup.com/docs/app-marketplace), and are following the procedures written here. The very first step we took was to fill out the App Partner Application form, and we have completed and submitted this more than a couple of weeks ago (now it is heading towards the third week), but are not receiving any responses from Square. Since this step looks like a necessary step to coordinate with Square’s dev team to make the right app to function well on Square’s APIs, I would really appreciate it if you can let me know how to make sure if our application form is at least received by your team. If we can know the approximate turnaround time that Square team will reach back to us, that will be even better. Please let me know.

Best, Taemin

The Partnerships team is working through all the inquiries. Unfortunately we don’t have and ETA for a response. Also you can definitely start development with our APIs and SDKs prior to a response. We have or requirements documented in Publish your App to the App Marketplace. :slightly_smiling_face: