How to set the "Available at All Future Locations" Item property

I have a client that has approximately 800 items (books). They use square to sell them at book conferences. We setup a location per conference. I am currently having to export the item library and edit the excel file to add all the items to each new location. I’d much rather set the “Available at All Future Locations” property at the item level in the item catalog so that Square will make them available at all future locations automatically. Given there is no UI in the admin portal to do this, I have been looking at the API as a means to solve this problem.

I see the
“present_at_all_locations”: true,"

property in the example scripts in the API specs. Is that property the one that is tied to the UI property labeled as “Available at All Future Locations”?

If not, what is the correct property?

Yes, that’s correct. If present_at_all_locations is true any new location will have the item available. :slightly_smiling_face: