How to retrieve list of Refunds for an Invoice

I’m using the .NET API to retrieve details of Invoices created in the Dashboard. I’m able to retrieve list of Tenders from the Order associated with each invoice, but have not been able to retrieve list of Refunds for those invoices where the payments have been reversed out, as they appear to be on a separate Order. How do you link/retrieve Refunds associated with an Invoice?

With a refund order it will have a source_order_id that you can use to link it to the original refunded order. For more on refunds checkout out Refund Payments. :slightly_smiling_face:

The source_order_id is a “backward” link from the Refund to the original Order. I’m trying to go “forward” from Invoice to original Order, to Refund Order. It doesn’t appear that source_order_id is available as filter in the Order Search?

Okay, in that case it would go Invoice to the Order. Then take he tender_id in the order and call GetPayment. In the response is the refund_id. You would then call GetPaymentRefund and that response will have the order_id of the refund. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. That will do what I need.