How to integrate square subscription system in MERN application

I am trying to integrate squareup subscription system in my MERN application.

In this app:

The products are dynamic - added from admin panel
The prices of the products can change overtime - need to charge new price after current cycle.

I am not able to find any clear documentation and any blogpost or video to do the above.

If you need to change the price of a subscription you’ll have to update the order_templet_id on the subscription. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for guiding in this direction. But our problem is we are not able to figure out any api documentation to guied me how to implement subscription based pricing. I mean which api to call what all parameters to pass etc…

Also one of the online link I searched, says we can not test subscriptions in test environment. If that’s the case how we will test our integration.

Our Subscriptions Documentation will walk you through creating a plan and creating the subscription. :slightly_smiling_face: