How to find Customer id related to single order

Hi all,
I’m trying to manage the data for a client by reaching his orders, and for every one of the orders i would like to save some details about the order like the line items, total price and very important information for me is the customer_id.
With the customer id, I can associate every one of the orders to the customer who made the order.
Unforthenetly now when im using the GET API call for retrieving a single order detail (by the order id) with this link

I’m getting some useful data but I don’t have a field with the customer Id that is associated with this order.
after reviewing the docs I found out the customer_id is called “beta” now, so my question is this: do these features not yet been implemented for us to use?
There is any other way to associate an individual order to the customer who proceeded with the order?

Thank you very much!

:wave: With Square an order will have the customer_id if the customer is associated to the order. So you may have some orders that won’t include the customer_id. You can also check the payment to see if it contains the customer_id if one isn’t present.

Also beta functionality is considered stable and closely represents what is intended for final release, but fixes and updates might still be made. Functionality is released in beta to give developers an opportunity to preview and validate the intended release. Any applications you develop with beta APIs should work with their GA API equivalents with little to no change. :slightly_smiling_face: