How to best structure an item in catalog

I am new to Square and am looking into how to integrate our online ordering system to square. One thing I notice is that square’s catalog is structured slightly differently than others that we have integrated with. Our system organizes variations through modifier groups and modifiers.

So I am wondering what would be the best way to configure the following item in Square catalog.

Pizza (base price $10).
SKU: abc
It has 3 modifier groups

  1. Size (min 1 selection required)
    Small 2.00,
    Medium 4.00,
    Large 6.00
  2. Toppings
    Chicken 2.00,
    Beef 3.00,
    Onions 1.00
  3. Sauces (max 1 selection)
    Marinara 0.00,
    Garlic 0.00,
    Ketchup 0.00.

Thanks for you patience and help.

Hi @wsadiq welcome to the forums!

Ultimately up to you on how you want to lay this out. From what you provided, I would say that:

“Item” would be “Pizza”
This item would have 3 “Variations”*: Small, Medium, Large (with a price for each)
There would be one modifier group called “Toppings”: Chicken, Beef, Onions (each with a price)
There would be another modifier group called “Sauces”: Marinara, Garlic, Ketchup

With Square’s modifier groups you can have a min/max on each modifier group, so you should be able to handle the above just fine.

*= note that only variations have a price associated with them in Square, not the parent item. But, a variation must have a parent item nonetheless.


thanks for your response. it makes perfect sense. I have a couple fo followup questions:

  1. In my case, I wanted to have a base price ($10) . So Can I have the Pizza item with just one variation that has the base price and then structure the crust size as another modifier group? it would then become more consistent with our internal data model for an item.
  2. I was trying to create my first item through the item editor because our system assumes the base catalog exists in the POS. However, I did not see any option to create a modifier group, its constraints and its modifiers in the item editor. Did I miss it?

Thanks again.

Never mind. I was just looking in the wrong place.

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