How to add GST/Tax to a Subscription Plan?


I am trying to move away from manually creating invoices in the Web UI, and trying to use the subscription API endpoint.

My invoice need to be for $25 per month (10% GST included)

I’ve started down the “Subscription Plan” approach as per the subscription walkthrough docs.

And I’ve added a 10% tax using the tax_percentage option on the Subscriptions API endpoint

Example of the invoice this creates, note the tax isn’t inclusive and it says No GST has been charged.

(image here, it didn’t let me embed)

However I really need it to create an invoice like this recurring invoice that has GST included in the total:

(image here, it didn’t let me embed)

How can I achieve the same thing I can do in the Web dashboard via the API?

I tried adding tax_data to the SUBSCRIPTION_PLAN catalog object as it seemed some types of catalog items supported tax_data, however that gave me an error message of: Non-TAX object has TAX data.



{ "idempotency_key": "1", "object": { "type": "SUBSCRIPTION_PLAN", "id": "#plan", "tax_data": { "name": "GST", "calculation_phase": "TAX_TOTAL_PHASE", "inclusion_type": "INCLUSIVE", "percentage": "10.0", "applies_to_custom_amounts": true, "enabled": true }, "subscription_plan_data": { "name": "Monthly Membership", "phases": [ { "cadence": "MONTHLY", "recurring_price_money": { "amount": 2500, "currency": "AUD" } } ] } } }

{"errors":[{"category":"INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR","code":"INVALID_VALUE","detail":"Non-TAX object has TAX data.","field":"catalog_object.tax_data"}]}


Ah, I found an example here that shows how to attach tax to an item, I’ll try that with subscription:

Perfect! Feel free to reach out with any additional questions. We’re always happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square thanks, unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work, there didn’t seem to be a way to specify a tax_id for SUBSCRIPTION_PLAN like you can for ITEM:

Can I please request a tax_id feature for subscription plans?

Right now I’m going back to making orders/invoices manually.