How do Payouts from the API relate to Transactions in the dashboard?

Hi team,

I’m implementing the Payouts API at the moment so we can reconcile these in our finance system.

For each Payout in the API, we get:

  • id in the form po_33d35fca-59c7-42d9-a8ef-e22f03bbe450
  • end_to_end_id in the form: T3ATS9XG370XV39

However, when I look at the list of Transfers in the dashboard it has:

  • a Transfer # in the form: 3Z6F9NZJJSRX1DKBQNQZQJX8V7EX

Ideally we would store the Transfer # in the finance system as a narration that our Finance team can use to reference what is in the interface.

Can you help me understand how I can go about giving them a useful narration in this instance?

Unfortunately, the ID that’s returned by the API isn’t an ID that can be used to reference the transfer in the Seller Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face: