Hide the 'Continue' button after payment on the Square POS app

I’m currently using the POS SDK for in-person payments in Japan.

When customers pay with e-money, we need to press the ‘Continue’ button after the payment to complete it and redirect to our app.

Is it possible to make it hide and redirect to our app automatically just like with credit cards and PayPay?

To automate redirection after e-money payments in your POS SDK, review the SDK documentation for any settings or parameters that bypass the ‘Continue’ button. Look for callbacks triggered upon successful e-money payment and use them for redirection. Ensure you’re using the latest SDK version and consider contacting the support team for guidance. If possible, write custom middleware to handle the redirection automatically.


We have already set returnsAutomaticallyAfterPayment to true , but it does not work with e-money only.