GPay bug in Checkout

Hi, I’m trying to use Checkout on my website but Google Pay doesn’t work, it just spins:

I figured out that this bug only happens when "ask_for_shipping_address" => false is passed.

It would also be nice to pass my setting of “ask_for_shipping_address” to google pay’s shippingAddressRequired, so my customers don’t think I’m getting their address for no reason. Also, perhaps put our merchant name in the merchantInfo (so it doesn’t say “Pay Square Inc.”).

Hi @swamp, welcome to the forums!

We’re aware of the first issue, and the team has it on their radar to track down and fix, I’ll be sure to update this thread when it happens. I’ll also pass along the second piece as feedback for a feature request.

Hi - this still seems to be an issue, is there an eta for a fix ?

Our product doesn’t require a shipping address so its not practical to ask customers to enter one. Can we hide the g-pay option on the checkout page until this issue is resolved ?