GiftCard API in checkout

I have a WordPress website (based on PHP) and I’m using woocommerce in it.
I have few questions regarding gift cards, I searched the DOCs and other places but I was not able to find the correct ans.

  1. Can we check gift card balance using any API?
  2. Can we use gift card balance as a payment option in WordPress? (if you support any direct WordPress plugin for a gift card)
  3. Can we redeem gift card balance in woocommerce checkout, if we custom code it? Like we will provide users with a box. They will enter squareup gift card code, we will check it, if its valid or not via API (if you provide any). Then we will fetch the amount and apply the same amount as a discount and after successful order marking that gift card as redeemed so that it won’t be reused somewhere else.

Is all this possible?

Hi @sanjeet-iws welcome to the forums!

  1. No, unfortunately not at this time.
  2. Square does not directly create plugins. There are several existing integrations that work with Wordpress; for instance WooCommerce is one of the more popular ones. For a full list check here: With that said, I’m not sure which ones have integrated with gift card checkouts. It sounds like WooCommerce has not, after checking with some folks.
  3. To be honest, I’m not super familiar with how Wordpress and the custom code works. The Square Payment Form on WooCommerce would actually need to be edited, since it’s a different configuration to allow gift cards. So either you would need to edit it (not sure if that’s even possible), or add a new form altogether alongside the existing one. Fetching the amount will not be possible, though as mentioned above.
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Thanks for your quick response.