Gift Card payment combo with checkout

I’ve been using the checkout api for my website and it’s been great - no need for me to handle CC numbers. but now I’m looking to add gift card redemption to the process. I could simply use the gift cards api to check the balance and reduce it to reflect its use in the transaction and then add a discount to the create checkout call. but there’s probably a better way that this should be done - i.e. to link the card redemption more directly to the order that’s created from the checkout call. Should I be doing a partial payment instead? but that requires an order to be created first, yes? – and the checkout api takes care of order creation automatically. And then there’s the situation where the gift card covers the cost of the order, so the checkout is not needed. I guess I’d just create an order at a zero cost?

:wave: Currently the Checkout API doesn’t accept gift card payments. If you’d like to accept gift card payments and payments tendered by our other supported tenders you’ll want to use the Web Payments SDK. This will allow you to use multiple tenders to pay for an order. :slightly_smiling_face:

so if a checkout would total 56$ and the customer has a gift card for 25$, is it acceptable to adjust the balance of the card to 0$ and include a discount in the checkout request for 25$?

Yeah, that is something that you could do but you would need to make all the adjustments prior to the checkout being created. :slightly_smiling_face: