Get card fingerprint from card nonce?

When I am processing a normal payment then adding a card on file, it is easy to check for duplicates as the CreatePayment api result contains the card fingerprint. I can then check that fingerprint against the cards the user currently has on file and only create the card if it is new.

Is there a way to get the fingerprint of a card from the nonce without creating a payment but before calling CreateCard? I couldn’t find any reference to the fingerprint in the TokenResponse from the Web Payments Api. None of the Card api’s take a card nonce.

Most likely when a user updates the Card on File they will be using a unique card, but it would be still be nice to check for duplicates on the off chance they used the same card again.

Hi! :wave: It’s not currently possible to get a card fingerprint directly from the nonce.

OK, Thanks

I’ll not worry about duplicate detection on that particular form then.

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