Get actual Modifier name from catalogObjectId?

Is it possible to get the actual name of the modifier (not value?)

Say I have a modifier “Sides” with “ketchup, mustard” as my two options. I only see the catalogObjectId and the name (ketchup for example) but don’t see “Sides” anywhere in the object.

Could you provide an example catalog object id that I could look up, along with the merchant id that it belongs to?

Let me rephrase my question…

I pulled in an order and am looking at the


I see

{ uid: 'aKCEktbwtwulXvYROYjPCB',
catalogObjectId: 'TRD3Z7TRLZVGGG6WUCM4BXPE',
name: 'Wednesday Jan 6 - Monday Jan 11',
basePriceMoney: { amount: 0, currency: 'USD' },
totalPriceMoney: { amount: 0, currency: 'USD' } }

This belongs to a “Delivery date” modifier… is there anyway to retrieve or view what modifier this selection belongs to?

UPDATE: I discovered you can use the catalogObjectId, then look up the modifierListId and that has the name

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