Fullfilment code is not working after update woocommerce square plugin latest version

Hello i have added the fullfilment code in Orders.php
path:- woocommerce-square\includes\Gateway\API\Requests

And before I have added this code it works on wocommerce square POS device. Now its not working can you check what’s the issue i have updated the woocommerce square plugin and just add code on Orders.php in one php. Now in squareup when order create transaction is showing but in orders not showing anything means fullfilment is not working.

Kindly check and share with me if api is updated or anything.

Would you mind providing the Square generated order_id that you added a fulfillment to and isn’t showing in the Orders section?

Hello i think this is the order id Order #814 details and this one R4qZWBdMFj5E7QtNeqXwfXOsXsfZY

please check screenshot it may helps you.

any update on this
I am looking for your reply

I have checked the code is working on woocommerce square plugin 2.0 version but not
working with 2.5 version

Looks like the Id that you provided is the payment_id not the order_id. The order_id for that payment is bsiwkuJX7Z4LN1WwWeuKtJdxyrQZY which doesn’t have a fulfillment associated to the order.:slightly_smiling_face: