Front end code - subscriptions api


Just trying to work through the subscriptions api walkthrough found here. I see all the backend code for the various languages but no front end (html, js, etc.) code at all. I tried to find an example from the github repos but no luck… can someone assist?

Hi @mrrcartier,

The front end experience is entirely up to your creative freedom as a developer and what fits your business need. :slightly_smiling_face:

At Step 1.3: Create customers in the seller’s Customer Directory the walkthrough shows use of “cnon:card-nonce-ok” which is a fake nonce for sanbox testing. Now when we go from sandbox to production where/how to we get the production nonce? Is there an example of that? Isn’t that usually generated from the front end?

When you go to production you will want to use the Web Payments SDK to generate the source_id that’s used to create the customer card on file. :slightly_smiling_face: