Invalid_request_error, card_token_used


I just moved my sqpayment form from sandbox to production. While testing in sandbox everything worked fine, but after testing on production I got the following error:
detail: ‘Card nonce already used; please request new nonce.’ }

I have an sqpayment form on the subscription page of that processes an initial payment for $29.99. If the user consents to have their customer and card information profiles created, that card nonce is then sent to the back end of my website to setup a customer and monthly subscription by pinging the api from my back end. What do I need to do to generate another card nonce for that?

Is what I am trying to do possible? For some reason it worked just fine in sandbox but didn’t work in production.

EDIT: On another forum I read that I should create the customer first, create the customer card, and then use the customer and card id to create a subscription for recurring payments. How do I have my sqpayment form send the nonce without using it for the charge, do I just skip the process-payment api?

Hope to hear back soon!

Okay I no longer need help with this issue. I rewrote the logic to request another card nonce for setting up the subscription after charging the user $29.99 with the first card nonce. Everything is working now, I tested it with my card. Thank you