Facing issue in sorting in search-catalog-items API

I am using this API https://developer.squareup.com/explorer/square/catalog-api/search-catalog-items to display products. When I choose ASC or DESC in sort_order, I cannot get products in sorting order. For both ASC and DESC the result comes the same. The same product is in the first position in both the sort order. Please help me with this. Thank you!

Seeing the same as you, escalating this to our Catalog team. Thanks for reporting!

Thank you for your response, this is another API so I have created a different topic. Actually, I am stuck between these two APIs. I want to filter out the product by custom attribute so for that, I am using this API https://developer.squareup.com/explorer/square/catalog-api/search-catalog-items. But on the product listing page, I have also filtered by price, but this API has no provision to achieve this so I am using POST /v2/catalog/search - Square API Explorer. But in this, I am facing different issues. This is my shop page https://liquorstore.iglobeapps.com/Products/Lists. I have added tags as a custom attribute in Squareup as New Sale Popular Clearance. The problem is when I click on any of this and then I can’t do filter to price. as for the filter I have to used different API. So is there any possibilities to achieve all of these features under one API?

Unfortunately, right now, it sounds like it won’t be possible, at least directly in the API. You would have to do some manual “weeding out” to get the items that matched in both result sets.