Discovered a V1 Settlement that contains a bank_account_id which is missing from all bank_account endpoints

Hello! I have discovered an issue that is only a problem with one merchant, from the v1 settlement endpoint this merchant returns an associated bank_account_id -

When I pass this bank_account_id to /v2/bank-accounts/by-v1-id/{bank_account_id} I get a 404.

When I pass this bank_account_id to /v2/bank-accounts/{bank_account_id} I also get a 404.

The endpoint calls work great for every other merchant except this one example, and the bank_account_id being returned from the settlement endpoint is noticeably different from the other merchants. Is there a way to get information about this bank account?

Hi @stefan,

What is the merchant_id? Feel free to DM me with the information.

information sent via DM, thanks!