Disable/Hide a specific item from my application

Hi there!

One of my Square merchants wants to hide a specific item from appearing in my application (they can only offer the item in-person and not through online ordering).

Where on their seller dashboard can they do this? And which Square API can I use to see this change?

Thank you!

Hi @magius! You can handle this use case with Custom Attributes. You could set up an attribute (named “Hide in App”, for example), which the Seller will be able to set from their Item Library. You could then use the Catalog API to check what the Seller has selected for the item and hide/show items as needed.

You can read more on how to do this from our docs site:
Add Custom Attributes

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That’s a great idea Josh thank you I’ll do that!

So I’m guessing there are many Square Online features not provided for us Square developers in our own apps.

Do you know a reason why that is? I could see it being big enough of a problem to where I would need to develop my own merchant-side solution outside of Square.

Happy to help!

Regarding Square Online features — the reason can vary depending on the feature, but in general Square strives to provide developers as robust an experience as possible across the board. If there’s a particular feature you’re interested in seeing exposed via API, I’d be happy to pass that feedback along to our engineering teams.

Note that for Catalog Custom Attributes, you should be able to do handle the solution I outlined through API (both creating the attributes and assigning them to catalog items/variation). When I said “the Seller will be able to set”, I just meant that they’ll have the option of setting this themselves after you do the initial set up. My word choice could have been better, sorry about that!