Deadly bug on Square Online Store

It happened lot of times that online store webpage cannot jump to Confirmation page correctly after user clicking the Complete Order button. Instead, the page keep still and it confused user. When customer click the Complete Order button again, web jumps to an error page and a link appears, its text tells customer something like “There is no item in your cart”. After clicking the link, webpage will jump to previous payment page: Secure Checkout.

At this time, actually customer’s order has already been approved. But some customer don’t know it since they didn’t see confirmation page. They just reorder another order. And when they arrive restaurant, they will find there are 2 same orders ready for them. It leads to a chaos.

It has already happened lots of times, and it occurred randomly. Can you fix the bug ASAP?

Thanks for the feedback! However, this forum is mainly for Square’s APIs/SDKs, and not the online store (as that’s a completely separate team who does not monitor these forums). I suggest reaching directly out to support so you can get in contact with someone who will be able to better assist you:

Thanks for letting me know.