Deactivated Square Plans still showing is_deleted value is false from the API

I have deactivated a few Square plans. And I am fetching the plans from the API. But these plans having the is_deleted value is false only.

How can I know whether a Plan is active or inactive from the API?

When a plan is deactivated it will continue till the end of the next billing cycle. At this time immediately canceling a subscription isn’t currently available. :slightly_smiling_face:

Actually my question is only related to the Square Plan and not Subscription.
I deactivated plans in Square. And I am getting those plans are still active in the response. Please reply to my question.
I am using the endpoint is Catalog object and the Type is SUBSCRIPTION_PLAN.

What’s the plan_id that your seeing this behavior with? :slightly_smiling_face:

All of the deactivated plans are having this issue.
One of the plan id is “id”: “MANADDVZNKR5V73UMVCAENSZ”. For this plan, getting the is_deleted value is false, even though it is inactive.

Sorry, this is the expected behavior for a plan. It can be deactivated however the ability to delete a plan from the Catalog isn’t currently possible which is why is_deleted is set to false. :slightly_smiling_face: