Customers API and Team API webhooks are generally available

We’re thrilled to announce the general availability of Customers API webhooks and Team API webhooks!

Customers API webhooks

With the Customers API webhooks, we also released version field and optimistic concurrency locking in beta. These webhooks enable you to receive notifications when customer profiles are created, updated, or deleted – making it easier for you to build end-to-end integrations that leverage customer data to take personalized actions (such as rewarding by way of coupons or loyalty points).

Get started by visiting the documentation.

Team API webhooks

Team API now has three new webhooks that’ll send notifications when a new team member is created, when a team member is updated, and when wage settings are updated:

  • team_member.created
  • team_member.updated
  • team_member.wage_setting.updated

Team API enables applications to retrieve a roster of team members registered in the Square Point of Sale system, which makes it easier to manage your team members in real-time.

Get started by visiting the documentation.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know here or join the BuildWithSquare Slack community to chat with us.

Excited to hear what y’all think!