Customer Sorting (or better duplicate detection)

I’d like to be able to sort customers by phone number. The duplicate detection feature does not work very well, and doesn’t pick up duplicate phone numbers. Allowing sort by phone number would at least let me manually look through the list for duplicates rather than exporting to CSV and combing through entries in a spreadsheet.

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Hi @luckythaitn – sorry for the very delayed reply here, but have you considered using the Customers Search endpoint (POST /v2/customers/search - Square API Reference) for your use case here? It allows for searching by phone number to quickly retrieve existing customers with a given phone number. You can search on both exact phone numbers and partial (fuzzy) match.

Hi @szisman, I meant to post this in the seller community rather than the developer community. I need an app-level solution. The POS app doesn’t allow sorting by phone number, which should be a simple fix. Thanks for you response, though!