Customer Activity

Is there a way to get a customer’s Activity via the API? Specifically, I’m interested in Purchases and Refunds. Looking through the documentation I don’t see one but I just wanted to be sure.


You can use SearchOrders and query on customer_filter and pass in specific customer_id's. Is that what you’re looking for?

That returns Orders right? We don’t use the orders api so I don’t think this will work. We just need payments and refunds.

All payments have orders, even if you do not use the Orders API just BTW, although the customer_id may only be present on the Payment so the search functionality might not return everything you wanted. If you just want to use Payments/Refunds API, though, no there’s no real way to do this other than manually looping and finding matches.

That’s good to know. I’ll test it out and see if SearchOrders will work for us.