Creating a restock app

Hopefully this is an appropriate forum for this question. Several years ago, I wrote a restock app for our stores using the v1 APIs. The app was a Drupal website with a custom module and data structures. Webhooks were set up to send data from each sale to my app. The app processed and stored the relevant data. Employees could then pull up a report from the app showing what needed to be restocked. Items on the report could be marked as “done” or “didn’t find” to remove them from the list.

Obviously using mostly v1 means I need to upgrade or get a new solution.

So my main question is how would people go about approaching this problem today? I used Drupal bc at the time it was what I knew and worked with shared hosting. However the newest versions of Drupal seem to require command line access which is not something my host offers.

A secondary question - is an app like this overkill? Can you pay Square for custom reports? I could live without the extra features if I could get a clean items sold report. (The custom report feature on the dashboard is somewhat limited for what I’m looking for) It feels like other retailers using Square must have some solution for restocks!

Thanks for your time!

This is definitely the right channel to ask these questions. We don’t have any recommendations for a Drupal or host command line access. That’s something that you’ll need to determine whats best for your business.

As for a custom report we don’t currently offer reports outside of Dashboard. You’d need to use our APIs to build out any additional reports. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the reply!

Just to be clear, I’m not looking for a Drupal host with this post.

I’m more interested in seeing if people have suggestions on what kind of general approach they’d use for this situation.

That said, I’m realizing looking for possible alternatives to an app might be better suited to general Square forums.

It’s been a long day, so apologies if I get this ridiculously wrong.

It sounds like you need a simple “stock sold” report. Each line in the report has a checkbox or action to either “remove” it from subsequent reports or mark it as “stocked”.

Square don’t provide report access or specialized reports at this stage so most people follow the approach you used last time around, where you use webhook updates to maintain a database of sales levels. You might even mail this to each store overnight, so they know what they sold the previous day (and including current stock level might help them prioritize re-ordering, if you have that data available). I’m guessing you just kept cumulative sales records and displayed those when a link was clicked; and that clicking “done” was some variant of deleting the cumulative sales record.

Obviously if you’re including current stock levels, you coul also predict sales rates and how long current stock would last. While you’d need to do some sort of stock check to include current stock levels, it’s only one call per stock item so should be manageable in a live report.

No idea what you want here really so won’t guess further except to say that there are about a million possible ways to do this.

Yes, that’s basically the system I have now. I store a reformatted copy of each sale and run reports with it. One of those reports being the “needs restocking” list.

The main focus of my question was trying to get a sense of what platform, framework and such people would use to make something like this. And especially interested in anything that would work with basic webhosting services.

I’m realizing the question might be better targeted at general web dev forums since nothing in it is uniquely specific to the Square API.

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Often we just recommend using what’s familiar to you or something that your interested in. Its entirely up to you and what best fits your business need and timeframe. :slightly_smiling_face: