Connecting Customers to Tables for Customer In-person Order History Portal & Notifications Application

Hey there!
I’ve built a Node solution for a client using Square’s API for tying their existing customer base with customers that exist on Square Restaurant Orders.

Effectively the flow is →

  1. Add customer to table from Restaurant ipad Application
  2. Table orders food/drinks/products
  3. Other customers at table can connect themselves to the main customer on the table (using square’s Ref-ID - which is automatically generated and cleared nightly)
  4. Once the order is paid - we send a follow up email through Klaviyo for marketing the client’s E-commerce products based on the customer’s unique purchases.
  5. The app Provides a portal on the E-comm site to see what the customer has ordered on Square in the past so they can order the same items on the E-comm platform.

This flow worked great - but Square recently pushed an update that removed the ability to add Customers to a table in the Square Restaurant ipad application. Is this a specific cohort my client was in where the Actions → Customer button was removed? I’m attempting to support them through this shift, but currently the step #1 of the flow I built for them is now inaccessible since Square removed the button.


:wave: Have you reached out to the Restaurants support team about this to see if this was an expected change? :slightly_smiling_face:

I have not, I know the client was reaching out themselves and getting limited help. But I was curious from the developer end what could potentially be done here - since the majority of this flow is API based.
Any suggestions for tying Customers to Orders in other ways? Or is Square moving away from that ability in general?

Okay, I’ll see what I can find out. We do want to allow you to assign a customer to an order/payment. I did a test and you can add a customer during the checkout flow. After the payment is complete there is an option to add a customer in the top right of the screen. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for testing Bryan! I imagine you are using the desktop app or the main POS applications there for adding the customer to the checkout / transaction. I’ve noticed I can adjust the app to use the order update webhook if I allow the client to add the customer by updating transactions after they’ve occurred (Sign In).

The only problem here is that the client has to remember that Customer A was at Table D which came through as Transaction 1234, which is a bit much to ask them manage when the original flow was “add customer to table immediately when customer arrives” (and forget from there).

I imagine this does come down to the Restaurant Support team removing the Customer button from the ipad app for some reason - since there are definitely ways, like you showed, for the client to add customers to Checkouts/Transaction - but not currently within the Restaurant Application (as of recently when the Customer button was removed).


I just checked with the team and the seller need to check the device setting in the Dashboard and set the Customer Engagement collect information before checkout. They’ll do this by going to Devices on the Dashboard. Click on the three dots next to the device and hit Edit. I confirmed this works on my device. :slightly_smiling_face:

That did it - thank you so much Bryan!

Glad to hear it worked! :slightly_smiling_face: