Connect to v2 Sandbox instead of Legacy Sandbox

Getting this error when trying to connect using Sandbox credentials. “API Sandbox does not support OAuth, use sandbox access token instead”. Based on the docs, it seems like it’s trying to connect to the legacy Sandbox instead of v2 Sandbox. Does the Sandbox version depend on the API Version? We’re currently on API Version 2019-09-25.

Thank you,

Hm, that definitely does sound like a legacy sandbox issue. Are you trying to go through the OAuth authorize endpoint, or is this calling ObtainToken? I don’t believe either require an access token though so I’m not completely sure what it means. Please clarify what exactly you’re doing so I can see if I can replicate.

The error occurs when going through the OAuth authorize endpoint. Here’s a screenshot of the full error:

Thanks for providing that - I think I see the issue. The url should be instead of Try that and let me know if you still receive an error.

Thank you. Updated and after a few more tweaks it is working.