Configuring Tip Amounts in Square Reader SDK: A Field Dilemma

Hello, Every one.

In the labyrinth of Square Connect API’s documentation, I stumbled upon the TipSettings class, a beacon for customizing the tipping experience. However, amidst its properties, I encountered a conundrum: the absence of a tangible field to set the actual monetary value for tips. The TipSettings class tantalizes with booleans and percentages, yet the path to defining a specific tip amount remains shrouded in mystery.

How does one navigate this quandary? Is there a hidden alcove within the SDK that allows the direct setting of tip amounts, or must one conjure a workaround to translate customer generosity into numeric form? The quest for this knowledge is not merely academic; it is a practical pursuit to elevate the user experience in transactional interactions.

Need help.

Currently for Reader SDK it only allows for percentages and the custom tip amount that a customer can select. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply… :slightly_smiling_face:

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ryan1969 ADPVantage