Checkout_page_url responds with 404

I know this has been asked in other places, but my implementation is using MSXML2.XMLHTTP.6.0. I am successfully getting the response which includes the “checkout_page_url” but when I insert the url into a web form (tried with both POST and GET), I get 404 - page not found. I have double-checked to make sure I’m getting the whole url. The only unusual feature I notice is that there is “\u0026” in front of “I=” where I am used to seeing “&”. Here is what I am getting:\u0026l=78XXXXXXXXXXXXXY6
Can anyone please help?

:wave: That is odd. It sounds like there is some malformation of the URL from the web form. Looking at your logs all the responses have & so I’m not sure where the \u0026 is coming from? When you build your web form is it adding the \u0026?

It is in the response json. Should I manually change the “\u0026” to “&” ?

I’m not seeing in your API Logs. Do you have an example checkout order_id that you’re seeing this with?

I am using my client’s account (using OAuth) information and location . The order ID is: 782QMGWC5RTY6

Okay, sounds good. The ID that you provided is a location_id not the order_id. Do you have the a response from the call to CreateCheckout?

Sorry, here it is:

Tried to give you the whole response, but it gets flagged by the community.

Looking at the logs for the checkout the response has the right format with the & not the \u0026. So there must be some malformation when it’s being converted to your form.

Can you give me the actual checkout_page_url in the response so I can compare?

Sure here is the link: :slightly_smiling_face:

My text lines up exactly with yours. I’ll try another tact. Here is what I present after the information is sent and received from checkout:

form name=“card” method=“get” action=“
This form returns a 404 error. Any thoughts?

I’m not sure cause when I take the URL and just paste it into a browser it works as expected.

Solution: You can’t put the entire url into the “action” part of the form. It has to be broken into pieces and place inside the form. Example below (brackets removed):

input type=“hidden” name=“c” value=“CBASEDQO-ndYdZZbwkOXo_okuLY”
input type=“hidden” name=“l” value=“782QMGWC5RTY6”

Thanks for your patience.

Glad to here you figured it out.:slightly_smiling_face: