Checkout Canceled when card with Chip is Swiped


We have successfully integrated the Square Terminal with our self-checkout kiosks and we are in the latest stages of testing while preparing to launch them to production. We have a few locations ready to processed a few thousand transactions a day this month.
We have been in contact with the Square team already and getting great assistance from them (Timothy Hahn and Dylan Bowermaster).

The issue we encounter is the following:

  1. Initiate a Checkout from the kiosk
  2. Terminal shows Checkout screen as expected
  3. User Swipes a card with chip
  4. The terminal displays the message “Cart Not Read” / “Chip cards must be inserted”
  5. The Checkout is cancelled and the terminal goes back to “Ready to take payment”
  • We were expecting the terminal to display the Checkout screen so the user could try the card again but instead the checkout process is completely cancelled.
    When this happens we are forced to initiate another Checkout, every time for every incorrect swipe or chip insert. We would expect the Check screen to remain active and only cancelled after the user taps the Back arrow or due to a timeout, but not swipe failure.

Is this the expected behavior or are we missing something in the configuration?

The team is aware of this ask but currently there isn’t an ETA on when it will be released. Also please note that if your customer is able to dip the card prior to payment canceling it will process.

Thanks Bryan, could you please clarify this?
“Also please note that if your customer is able to dip the card prior to payment canceling it will process”

Please let me know if I understood correctly. Do you mean that if the customer is able to dip the card after the invalid swipe while the “Card not Read” message is displayed, before the Checkout is canceled and the “Ready to take payment” screen is displayed, the payment will be processed? (Like dipping card between point 4 and 5 mentioned above)

Yes, that is correct. If the customer is able to dip the card while the “Card not Ready” message is showing the payment will still go through. We understand that this likely won’t be the case because it’s only 5 to 6 seconds after a card is swiped but I will succeed.

Yeah, I believe the time the “Card not Ready” screen is displayed is actually only a couple of seconds, which won’t give them enough time to dip.

Would this be considered a feature request?

Yes, Absolutely! We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team.

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Thanks Bryan, I’ll post this in the features request