Cashier Permission - Cancelling Items / Transaction

We recently fired an employee for this, and was unable to find a permission in settings that protected us against this.

The employee was ringing up an item for customer. It shows customer total amount before pressing “charge” button. Employee took cash, then simply deleted the item and never actually rang up the sale from happening.

Is there no way to set a permission level that if an item is added to cart on POS, to delete the item from the cart or close the sale entirely, it requires a manager code?

There’s a cancel transaction permission that you can disable. Once disabled it won’t allow an employee with that permission to cancel the transaction. You can adjust permissions in the Permissions section of the Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

If the employee hasnt pressed the “charge” button yet, that permission does nothing.

Ah okay, yeah there’s not a permission unfortunately for that scenario. :slightly_smiling_face: