Card-on-file for terminal chip/nfc cards

If I read the Terminal API correctly, it’s currently not possible to do a checkout with the following scenario:

  1. Accept a payment with the terminal
  2. Later charge the card again (e.g. for damages).

This is a very common scenario for a lot of rental companies. Instead, the user will have to:

  1. Accept a payment with the terminal
  2. Make an authorization for damages.

The issue with this approach is there is a ceiling for the damages and this ceiling may be higher than some customers card limit.

A slightly better approach is allow the application to re-use the card in step 1 (assuming it’s not a wallet) as a card on file, so additional charges (requested by the customer) or damage charges (according to damage charge agreement) can be charged to the same card.

This use case is possible today. You can accept a payment with the Terminal and with the Cards API you can save the card on file with the payment_id to later charge the card on file if needed. :slightly_smiling_face: