Cannot pair sample iOS reader app with device


I am trying to get the Square Reader paired to an iPhone running the sample iOS reader sdk app.

I have used the repository key in the developer dashboard, and the application id. I scanned a mobile auth QR code from the same account. But when I go through the pairing process under settings in the sample app, the result is “failed to connect”. The app reports the reader serial number correctly, to communication is occurring without any problem. The only error message is “Reader Failed to Connect”.


:wave: Was this reader previously connected to the Square app? If so you’ll want to go to the bluetooth setting and forget the device entirely and re-pair it to the sample app. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is not back-compatible for some strange reason. Ever since they forced the ios 13 SDK this kind of stuff has happened. I have no idea if that has any connection, but I feel like it has and glad it helped you.