Can I Extend a Subscription Cancelation Date?

I would like to have a annual subscription that does not automatically renew and instead require a user to explicitly authorize an additional year before extending their subscription. I can’t find a way to extend the cancel date on a subscription by a year, only clear it after it’s already set. What’s the correct way to achieve this? Should I make an independent subscription with a start date for the same date as the cancelation? Is there some other trick to keep using the current subscription and just extend it by another number of cycles defined in a plan?

At this time you can’t extend the subscription canceled_date. This is something that you would have to manage in your application. For example if your application knows the creation date of all the subscriptions you can check to see if the customer opted in for another year of the subscription at a defined period prior to the one year from when it was created our renewed previously. If no then you can cancel at the end of the billing year and if yes then the subscription will remain valid. :slightly_smiling_face: