Authentication error on checkout

Hi all, my customers aren’t able to make payments via the website. They receive this error below. Any tips on how to fix it would be appreciated, thank you!

:wave: I took a look at your account and see that you’re using an integration developed by one of our 3rd party developers. I’d recommend reaching out to them with this error cause their integration with us is supposed to handle setting the header of each request correctly. They should be able to easily correct this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Update the example snippets of the documentation to include assigning the platform Environment. This will save a lot of pain in getting this service to work for new customers.

Hi there,

The issue is with WooSquare Plus.
Every 45 days, the connection between Square and WooCommerce vía WooSquare Plus is disconnected (I don’t know why).

What you have to do is disconnect/reconnect it and the checkout will work again.

See the screen shot below on how to do it:

Have you reached out to WooCommerce about this? They are the ones that manage refreshing credentials and would need to look into why it’s not refreshing correctly. :slightly_smiling_face: